six words on a refrigerator: walk together beneath the red sky
Imagine using only six words to tell a compelling story.
What would you say?

Have you ever wanted to write something, but felt 'stuck' looking at a blank page?

Where to begin?

What to say?

What words to use?

My students and workshop participants have often been stuck over the past 25+ years, too...

Until they discovered "Six Word Story" writing.

Game changer!

"But I'm not a writer!"

You're among your people, here.

Whether you're a word-playing wordsmith or a word-shy wannabe, this Wednesday Wordplay mini workshop is designed with you in mind.

Part instruction, part collaboration, all fun...

My monthly Writing Workshop series has been planned to:

teach "microstory" writing basics

inspire you to play with words

provide time & space for you to be creative

and connect with other creative folks in a 'just-right' group size that welcomes personal exploring, reflective self-discovery, and (maybe even) sharing...

(100% up to you.. always!)

... including my fellow introverts and our friends who say,

"But I'm not a writer!"

I see you!

´╗┐Friends, this workshop requires neither writing experience nor writing skills....

just a willingness to play with words.

Sharing the Words,

Sharing the Love....

High school student standing in the hallways looks at student writing on the wall project
Writing with Teens

Before I discovered mixed-media art in 2015, I played with words. Lots of words. And over my 27 years teaching middle, high school, adult students, and fellow teachers, I infused my teaching with plenty o' writing & wordplay.

Imagine their surprise to discover words were really fun... just like kindergarten all over again when we stripped back the rules.

mixed media art with a found word story
Words + Colors

The discovery of 'colors' helped me cope during a difficult life event in 2015 as I struggled to find the words to express what I was feeling.

Little by little, my writing voice began to return - to tell my stories - sometimes veiled in nonsensical narrative while other times, raw and palpable.

My art found its way to the people who needed it as they fought their own fights, needed a bit of whimsy, or found inspiration in the messages.

mixed media journal with 'found words' that say
Art -> Journals

In 2018, I began to dabble in creative journaling, not sure what the interest was, but willing to give it a try.

Soon, my mixed-media art filled pages of vintage books and eventually, pages I created.

I shared my sideways journey into journal making in Stampington's Art Journaling magazine, Summer 2020.

From altered book journals to handcrafted mixed-media journals, my style has evolved into Life Story journals, known for their bright colors and microstories ~ tiny life stories with BIG impact ~

often told in fewer than five words... both shared and invited ... in the form of "Found Words."

Are you in?

Tell your story.

Because it matters. ´╗┐