Well, hey there!

Do you have lots of questions about how to make your Etsy shop stand out and little time to find all the answers?

Oh, I feel you!

That was me the summer of 2019. Since then, I've spent hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of Etsy (still learning, but a pretty good handle these days).

Now I'm sharing what I learned with you in my course, Aiming for Remarkable: How to Wow Your Etsy Customers Every Time, currently in beta testing July 2020. What does that mean?

It means students and I are testing the curriculum, formatting, and delivery during a short test launch in order to maximize the course for you when it reopens fall 2020.

This course offers you the time, content, and space to learn about:

  • yourself as a consumer and how that impacts your Etsy shop ownership
  • your shop and how to set it apart from others
  • your customers and how to personalize their shopping experiences with you

What you'll get: 

  • organized, easy-to-follow content designed for on-demand, self-paced learning 
  • downloadable materials to keep & use as your Etsy shop grows   
  • practice activities to help you refine your Etsy seller skills quickly 
  • questions to prompt your thinking throughout your learning process 
  • space to ask questions via e-mail and Comments   
  • actionable takeaway strategies to use immediately  
  • live Q & A with me during the course

If you grabbed my free guide, How to Start your Etsy Shop in Six Steps: A Guide for New Sellers, then you know I've got good info to share.

Now you're wondering: Is this course right for me? or Should I spend the money on this course?

Be sure to check out the Course Overview and Curriculum Outline below. Then ask yourself:

  • Does the course content align with my Etsy questions and uncertainties?
  • Do I believe I'll gain new knowledge and skills from taking this course and doing the work?
  • Is this the right time for me to invest my time & money into my learning and do I believe I'll see a return on my investment if I do the work?
  • Do I believe this person can deliver? (tip: be sure to read student testimonials after the July beta course)

If you answered Yes, then this course is probably a great fit for you!

If No, not right now, then maybe one of my other courses is a better fit for your learning needs/interests right now?

  • creative mini courses (mixed-media art | creative writing | creative journaling)
  • real-world, need-to-know courses to support adult learning (think: back to school, job upgrade, how-to for teachers)
  • business-focused courses like this one, designed for women starting a new business venture
  • academic support courses to support teens and tweens (middle and high school) - reading, writing, and critical thinking skills

Ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered?

Just a heads-up: This course is currently closed for enrollment and will reopen in fall 2020 (September"ish"). See you then!

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Selfie Robin Le Roy-Kyle

Hi, I’m Robin!

I help women ready for change and teen & tween girls slaying goals use the Creative Process to find clarity, build confidence, and take action toward realizing their dreams.

I'm a coffee-drinking, question-asking 26-year educator turned creative business owner who began developing & teaching online courses in 2012. As I near retirement from Education, my teaching continues with women and girls in a more creative sort of way. :)

My goal? To teach women and girls that using the Creative Process leads to focused understanding & kick-butt action. Glad you're here! We've got so much to do! Ready?

Wishing you creative curiosity and soul-smiling messiness!

This course is closed for enrollment.