They came. They learned. They shared....

"Thank you for providing a space where it’s safe to be vulnerable and we can be brave. It was scary! But you made it a little less so. The class was so much fun—even in the sharing parts! I liked that the class was low-key and the class size, small." TR ~ Wednesday Wordplay Workshop

"I am so happy I decided to take Robin’s Etsy course! She has done all the research into exactly what you need to do to have a great shop from start to finish. Soo many resources and examples for us to use even after the course is complete. Robin is approachable and encourages questions and communication." DR ~ Etsy course Aiming for Remarkable

"I think (the shop) now, at first glance, represents me better as the artist I am today." DF ~ Etsy course Aiming for Remarkable

"Thanks for the time and teaching, Robin. I think it may change how I look at words." Diane - Mixed Media Workshop

"Thanks for your crazy teaching and big hugs. You ROCK and I'm headed to college!" - Ronnie, APK high school student.

keyboard with word Review on it
woman smiling

Hi, I'm Robin!

I believe finding our truest selves can be both fun & "messy" (literally & figuratively!). I also believe being inspired, informed & empowered is the {only} way to be.

Destined to be a teacher and writer, I've been writing & playing with words since I was a little girl. Mixed-media art found me in 2015. During a challenging Life Season that left me raw and questioning everything I believed, colors helped me find my way back to words and eventually, the next step in my Life Path.

After 8 years in the Navy, 27 years in public Education, and 10 years developing the confidence (and skills) to be my own boss, I left public Ed in 2021, leaping strategically.

Now, I teach women 15 - 50+ (and a few men) Ready For Change - big or small - how to find clarity using words and colors to guide their process.

Join me for a creative workshop, small biz how-to, or my life-mapping course created to give you the confidence that comes from clarity so you can take your "leap of faith," too.

Wishing you creative curiosity and soul-smiling messiness,